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Arjuna Silver Leaf Bed Sets

Arjuna Silver Leaf Bed Sets

Aren’t we always looking for “The Silver Lining?” Find it here: Arjuna Silver Leaf Bed Sets, with lot of glam and a bit of bling come together to create this luxury beds. Three-dimensional silver leaf design is surrounded by classic dark-brown finish. Different lighting will gives different effect on its headboard. Low footboard allows the headboards to shine…

Detail of this luxury home furniture:
Name : Arjuna Silver Leaf Bed Sets
Code : NT-BD10
Category : Bed
Size (cm) : 203 W x 215 D x 178 H
Volume (m3) : 7.76
Load (20') : -
Load (40') : -
Buyer Notes: Contact us by email to for more detail information. The production time is about 4weeks max. For the actual price, give us your shipping address.
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