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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Aero Mahogany Bombe Chest

Aero Mahogany Bombe Chest
Aero Antique Bombe Chest Antique Mahogany Dresser

Aero Mahogany Bombe Chest is a perfect combination between art paintings and bombe chest furniture. As the name, it made from solid mahogany wood. The whole piece of this bombe chest represents its beauty. At the front view, the “touch” from world famous artist, Vincent van Gogh, with the Les Iris covered the doors.

And the rest of this luxury furniture, you’ll get the ancient feels from its antique cream finish. Made by talented craftsman from Jepara, this fascinating bombe chest furniture would be the masterpiece in your beloved home.

Detail of this luxury home furniture:


Aero Mahogany Bombe Chest




Antique Bombe Chest

Size (cm)

110 W x 55 D x 92 H

Raw Material

Solid Mahogany Wood


Mahogany Wood


Antique Cream Finish


All joinery points are corner blocked,
doweled, glued, and strengthened with support screws


Hand Carved

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Aero Mahogany Bombe Chest
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