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Monday, June 16, 2014

Gold Bench Stool Slicia

Gold Bench Stool Slicia

Gold Bench Stool in our furniture products code named Slicia. A high quality French style bench stool made by one of the best Indonesian furniture manufacturer. This gold bench stool is an elegant mahogany furniture which carved by talented craftsman to bring beauty to your home. Huge number of bench stool in French style design which available in gold gilt, silver leaf, and other painted color.

Detail of this luxury home furniture:


Gold Bench Stool Slicia




Bench Stool

Size (cm)

130 W x 47 D x 45 H

Raw Material

Solid Mahogany Wood


Purple Velvet


Gold Painted


All joinery points are corner blocked,
doweled, glued, and strengthened with support screws


Hand Carved

5 knowledge you should know about our wooden furniture product.
  1. The only kiln dry wood we use.
  2. All timber treated to minimize termites and woodworm.
  3. Hi quality material for furniture; woods, fabrics, and finishing material.
  4. Best possible construction technique.
  5. Skilled craftsman and experienced finishing guy.

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Gold Bench Stool Slicia
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