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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Fench Style Standing Mirror in Gold Finish Amos

French Style Standing Mirror in Gold Finish Amos
French Style Standing Mirror in White Finish Amos

This French style standing mirror is one of our furniture product named Amos. Amos French style standing mirror comes with antique gold finish -there's also white color with silver tone finish- to cover the whole of this stunning mirror. Custom color combination is also available to suit your home's theme.

Amos French style standing mirror has adopted luxury neo-classic model that supported by gold or white color accent that confirms the mirror character. It uses two cabriole legs model and a base peg in between.

Amos has lot of carvings along of the whole body. In the mirror's frame, you'll find a beautiful curvy lines which ends with a floral motif in the top of it's frame -just looks like a crown-. While for the legs, you'll find a more strict carvings line that represents the strength of its legs. Beautify your living room with this mahogany French style standing mirror, and get the luxurious touch in every single moment with your family.

Amos French style standing mirror is an Indonesian furniture made by our talented craftsman to complete your furniture demands. The finish of this mahogany standing mirror is covered by top coat to keep the color last longer. You could request other finishing color according to your passion and theme.

Detail of this luxury home furniture:


Amos French Style Standing Mirror





Size (cm)

74 W x 51 D x 186 H

Raw Material

Solid Mahogany Wood


Beveled Glass


Antique Gold or Glossy White-Silver


All joinery points are corner blocked,
doweled, glued, and strengthened with support screws


Hand Carved

5 knowledge you should know about our wooden furniture product.
  1. The only kiln dry wood we use.
  2. All timber treated to minimize termites and woodworm.
  3. Hi quality material for furniture; woods, fabrics, and finishing material.
  4. Best possible construction technique.
  5. Skilled craftsman and experienced finishing guy.

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Fench Style Standing Mirror in Gold Finish Amos
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